imag1478 (1)So WHAT DO I DO – WHAT IS MY MAGIC????

I have been a website developer and SEO Consultant for the last 4 years and now I apply all of that experience plus new trainings to specialize in eCommerce on Amazon for product listings. This is a really exciting new field which has huge demand for in-the-know eCommerce Consultants. But what I really love about the Amazon business is knowing the necessary listing techniques which rockets products to incredible success through expert listing and internet marketing skills. On the surface this may appear to be a simple do-it-yourself process but in fact it has become a highly developed procedure for effective rankings. This is evident on almost any search page which often contains one or two products making millions of dollars in sales and the others making virtually zero – on the same page!!!

Without clever listing and marketing you will never rank in an Amazon product search. Ranking means BIG DOLLARS!

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