SEO Consulting


Maybe yes since that’s such a great keyword that no-one else uses for fear of looking egotistical. But it works and brings loads of traffic. Just one small example of lateral thinking and a creative approach to ranking websites. If I had to say who is the Best SEO in Australia I would give my vote to but there you will be spending major bucks. You see, I just got my keyword into the text one more time plus a major backlink!!! But if you want a consultant who thinks like a businessman, applies that to your website and SEO, and mentors you into success, then  go no further!!

What do the beautiful images in my headers have to do with SEO?? Nothing !!! I just like them. I like to have beauty in my everyday life.

I have been actively involved in internet marketing as a business and personal interest for the last 25 years and in that time I have developed and managed websites for myself and others. These were largely information websites. In 2000 I was VP of an internet company which generated over $35 million in 2 years – I was in charge of the concept and marketing. More recently I have been involved in developing and marketing digital products and now I have my own SEO website in response to the need for businesses to integrate their websites more into their business strategy.
I have long experience in business development and I bring these skills to website redevelopment and mentoring my Clients.
But what I really love about this business is to develop a great website which rockets the owner to bigger success and expression of their undiscovered talent.

Profile of The Average SEO Consultant

  • About 25% of all agencies are dedicated to SEO only
  • Employ 1-5 people
  • Have on average 5 concurrent clients
  • Their business is 1-2 years old
  • Clients are Small- Medium businesses
  • Full Range of services provided
  • Charges: 500-1500 per month, project based around $2500 fixed price or $150 per hour
  • Payment is either by Monthly Retainer, Project based , by the hour, Contract Services at Fixed Prices is based on this profile