Essential SEO

SEO Changes in 2017


  1. Authorship and author rank are now a significant part of branding. Get out there!
  2. Blog/post regularly. If you cant manage, outsource it. Outsourcing still needs a lot of supervision. Be aware of language problems.
  3. Think of your website as a means to connect with an audience. Dont waste your time trying to sell directly off your website or FB – offer value and develop credibility and trust with your following. Selling comes later off a dedicated sales page.
  4. Dont go to Bali, buy goods and then expect to sell online. Do the opposite – set up a test site first to see if they are saleable. The almost-zero cost test case!
  5. SEO is not an antidote for unpopular products that won’t sell
  6. Responsive designs are a must – better still a simplified mobile website “m” prefix mobile site can be hosted at zero cost with your same hosting – with only the most basic contact info is best. Provide a link to the parent website for detailed info.
  7. Local presence is becoming very important – local searching for business needs is booming. Make sure you are listed with local directories
  8. Have a Social Media strategy at least on the majors – FB, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest. Use keywords as topics.
  9. Convert your posts to videos and post to Youtube. There are literally hundreds of other video sites which can help you rank
  10. Use Tags and Categories on your WP posts, pages and Youtube uploads. WP has its own Google-friendly system of indexing.

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