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Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Small to Medium Businesses


Small to medium businesses can benefit from the correct search engine optimization strategies. They can attract more customers by improving their ranking in search engine results. Advanced SEO practices can boost the visibility of any company with the help of other marketing strategies such media outreach, social media and reviews.


The first advanced SEO tip for small businesses is to optimize the data found on the company’s website. Your online presence depends on your website. It has to have a domain name that reflects the business and its location. The website must also use keywords on page titles that show the type of business, your services, and location.


Your business’ name, address and phone number data should be found in all pages of the website. Aside from focusing on the services you offer, your website must also have content related to the where the company is located. It makes it easy for local customers to find your business.


Another advanced SEO practice to improve local visibility is to place your business’ information in several third party sources. Search engines such as Google scan a lot of websites to improve their understanding of the local business environment. Such of the websites that you can use are Google+, Facebook, TripAdvisor and Yelp.


It is a good search engine optimization practice to include the website URL, photos, videos, and other vital details to appeal to potential customers. It should be placed in the proper category. This way search engines will be informed about what type of services and products your business provide.


If your small to medium business has several locations, make separate listings for each location. This will improve the visibility of the company as well as the individual stores. Search engines will list the different store individually.


Another advanced SEO tip is to have a good link strategy. The links you place from your website to other sites, and the other way around is vital in improving search engine ranking of your company. Unrelated links will only hurt your online credibility.


Good search engine optimization involves sharing links to your company’s website through your accounts in social networking sites. You should also encourage other users to share the information. Newsletters and other updates sent out to customers must include links to your website.


Another way to spread the word about your website is to support local events in the community. Then ask the local chamber of commerce and other partners to share the link to your website when talking about the event.


Your business’ online presence will be improved by user reviews. One advanced SEO tip is to respond to every review, whether they are positive or negative. Small businesses must encourage customers to leave reviews of the business. The reviews must be authentic to gain the trust of local customers.

Website Performance Survey

We have been talking about the “Invisibility” of websites’ for some time now the conclusion we came to was that unless we offered proof the majority of websites were underachieving, our message was always going to be ignored. Given Website Performance Survey detailed below perhaps someone will start to take notice.

One Thousand websites surveyed and all of them failed to meet acceptable SEO performance standards.

  • The average Top Ten Page Rank Requirements Score was 34%
  • The average number of Page One Rankings for the primary keyword was less than 1 page one ranking per website

The websites analysed ranged from large multi nationals with annual sales in the billions to small one-person operations, proving money cannot buy a connection to your target audience.

Almost without exception, all of the websites in this survey presented with medium to high standards for website look and feel, menu design, navigation and content.

The survey conducted over five years, measured each websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SER (Search Engine Ranking) for the website’s keywords and the website’s ability to connect with its target audience.

While many of the websites showed similarities there was always, enough of a difference to suggest some websites were delivering an acceptable result.

As an example, one website ranked 91% but had only seven page one ranked positions, a little disappointing for the owners when they found out the site ranked so highly but failed to connect with its target audience.

As part of a promotion to the members of our Hills Chamber of Commerce, we recently offered to review a limited number of our member’s website and compare their website’s performance to five of their competitors.SEO Page One Rank Compliance 2

After examining the results of ten member’s, we found that while there was a 3% improvement over all our previous research, in reality nothing much has changed.

Having used the same software to analyse all the websites, we had enough quantitative/qualitative research data to perform a statistical analysis and focus on performance issues that limited these websites ability to connect with their target audience.

The results of this statistical analysis are shown below in the accompanying graphs;

 Chamber Memebers

  Here are some good questions you need to ask yourself;

  1. How effective is my website at connecting with or being found by my target audience?
  2. What changes do I need to make to my website to connect with my target audience?
  3. How long will it take website visitor numbers to start increasing?
  4. What changes do I need to consider making to my website to convert visitors to customers?

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