dotmailer receives ‘Great User Experience’ title for email marketing software – from reputable business software directory

Leading business software directory FinancesOnline believes businesses and organizations can highly benefit from an email automation marketing platform that is both feature-rich and easy to use. FinancesOnline’s experts found this in dotmailer, thus they gave us a positive 8.8 score and bestowed to us their prestigious Great User Experience and Rising Star awards.


The Great User Experience and Rising Star recognition for online email marketing software is given to systems that have satisfied clients with well-designed functionalities alongside a user-friendly and intuitive interface. This can be attributed to dotmailer’s unique drag-and-drop template builder that allow users to effortlessly create impressive email templates within a few minutes. It was also one of the reasons why our solution was recommended in the platform’s ‘what is email marketing software’ guide.


FinancesOnline believes dotmailer’s throng of functionalities enables users to remain “on top of every single phase of their email marketing campaigns and other related activities.” Aside from easily creating emails, FinancesOnline said our software can help users “fully optimize their email marketing strategies and get the best results” through various services including, but not limited to, campaign management, creative studio and strategic services. With these, users can significantly boost click-through rates and grow their business.


Businesses are also safeguarded with dotmailer’s scalability and custom-built integrations. “As your business needs develop and become more demanding and diverse, dotmailer is more than capable of growing with your enterprise,” wrote FinancesOnline’s experts.

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dotmailer Partners with St. George’s Society to Clean Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Welcomes dotmailer Team

The living room at Ronald McDonald House in New York City was silenced yesterday as twelve dotmailer volunteers sat motionless, in awe of a pediatric cancer survivor playing the piano.  After hours of cleaning the house, this young hero quite literally struck a cord with everyone in the room. dotmailer’s Josh Arnold said, “The day was pretty awe-inspiring. A brief three minutes of bonding with this child was an emotional experience that I’ve never felt before. You could see the passion running through him, and his delight in a stranger appreciating his amazing talent.” The large round of applause sent a huge, heartwarming smile across the young boy’s face. As if learning about the house’s mission wasn’t enough, this small moment had the team anxious to schedule a visit to help again soon.

Piano lessons are one of the many activities the RMHNY makes sure the children can continue throughout their treatments. They offer tutoring in music as well as any other extracurriculars the children were engaging in before their diagnosis.

Given dotmailer’s long standing relationship with St. George’s Society, RMHNY was the perfect opportunity for the two organizations to come together and support the community. The teams were given a group tour of the house and then broken up into smaller groups and assigned cleaning tasks. Because the children in the house are undergoing cancer treatments, the house must be kept immaculate, which leaves a tremendous amount of cleaning to be done daily.  There was no lack of passion as the individual teams worked throughout the house.

We truly rise lifting others. Days spent giving back not only benefit the community, but they also bond a team. 

Ronald McDonald House NYC

RMHNYC welcomes families from across the country with accommodations while children receive cancer treatment at local hospitals. The NYC house can hold 95 families at the small request of just $35 a night. When a child is facing cancer, the last thing the family needs is to struggle to find affordable accommodations in such an expensive city. RMHNY relieves that stress by not only providing housing, but also making a family’s stay as peaceful, playful, and happy as possible. “Ronald McDonald house is a happy place,” said tour leader Daniele Starfield. Giving the children and their siblings a childhood, while they undergo treatment seems to be the mission of the caregivers as well as the incredible staff.

For more information on upcoming Fundraisers at RMHNYC visit their volunteers page:

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dotmailer support: getting you back on your feet

Focus on customer success

Over the past 12 months dotmailer has focused on eliminating silos and improving the communication practices between teams and customers; in doing so, we’ve set the foundations for our customers’ success. We recognise the positive impact this initiative has had on our customers, who rely on the dotmailer platform to power their email marketing automation every day.

By listening to customers, understanding their dilemmas and innovating processes on a continuous basis, we can better their experience of our product and service offering. After all, customer success is about making people’s interaction with dotmailer as seamless and effortless as possible. This helps drive the best results for our customers.

Your support team

My team here at dotmailer is a core element of the customer success initiative. Dedicated to help our customers overcome any technical issues they might encounter when using the dotmailer platform, my team is on hand 24/5, across the globe.

Queries raised with the team can vary from simple feature-related questions to complicated technical issues that are business-critical. The former is easily handled by the account management and training departments, whereas the latter needs to be prioritized by my team. The breadth of technical knowledge among support team members is a real asset and helps us quickly identify each customer’s issue and provide them with a solution.

What’s more, with the right technology set-up in place, our customers can always reach us – be that over the phone, by raising a support ticket or through our successful livechat feature.

Live chat is now the go-to channel for support

The livechat functionality has transformed our support output, helping us quicken response times and resolve customer queries within five or ten minutes. It’s really assuring for customers, knowing that they’re just a couple of clicks away from one-to-one technical support.

However, chatting with a customer online is very different from talking with them over the phone. Therefore, it was important that we focused on our tone of voice to ensure it paired well with how we support customers on the telephone. By hiring the right people, we ensure that every interaction is as ‘human’ as possible, injecting their own personalities, showing empathy and understanding. By employing this level of care throughout the support process, we can continue to deliver a great customer experience.

Investing time and energy into this channel has helped it become a popular contact method for our customers when they need guidance; chat volumes have risen by 65% in the last year, for example. Moreover, now that we’ve multiple touch-points available, it’s become essential for us to communicate across channels; this ensures we provide a unified response and guarantees a seamless customer experience.

We’re a results-driven team

Results are very important for us in achieving the very best customer service. Our aim is to reassure customers that we’re there and ready to help and tracking results is a great way to monitor our performance. For every single query or issue raised – that’s 4,600 on average per month – my team is incentivized to provide a consistent service that is timely, friendly and helpful.

One delighted dotmailer customer provided their feedback:

“This was a really helpful call, achieved exactly what I needed and helped me understand both dotmailer and our CRM better. I thought your service was excellent”.

With an average answer time of 27 seconds, customers can trust that in no time they’ll be speaking with a support team member over the phone who’ll help them identify the issue at hand and provide a swift solution.

What does our team say?

Stephen Hardy, dotmailer Support –

What I enjoy most about my role in dotmailer’s support team is the element of problem solving and helping people get back on their feet. I love the fact that every day is different.

It’s interesting talking to different people because you start to recognize the contrasting angles to an issue, appreciating every point of view from marketers to developers. What’s more, we’re continually learning about our product’s improvements, how it’s being used across various industries and how it enhances customers’ processes. This broad exposure allows us to better understand situations and support customers effectively.

This role comes with a giant learning curve – complex issues are thought-provoking, require investigation and help me build my technical understanding; this allows me to better support customers in the future by identifying and resolving issues quickly. Another point to make is that our knowledge isn’t just limited to the platform, but extends to marketing best practice too. Customers like that our support is inclusive and really value our practical advice. We’re not just here to solve a problem, we’re also here to offer guidance.

Knowing how much our customers rely on the dotmailer platform, my overall aim as a support team member is to ensure its continuity and help users get the most out of it.

What do our customers say?

Results aside, what we value above all else is our customers’ feedback. This ultimately validates our customer service and helps us continually improve. Between 1,300 and 1,400 customers give us a rating each month, which helps us to consistently drive our first-class support service. While positive feedback that praises our support is the ultimate accolade, we always take constructive feedback on board. Month-on-month, we consistently achieve a 96% customer satisfaction rate which is exceptional – however, our focus remains on the 4%. This gives us an opportunity to make the support process ever better. By concentrating on this, we can work towards meeting our customer success objectives.


If you have any support queries, please:

If you have any questions about dotmailer’s support service, or any other queries, please contact your Account Manager.

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10 of my dotmailer golden nuggets

Below are 10 features that didn’t get a shout out in my last blog, either because they didn’t make the cut or they weren’t yet built. Enjoy!

dotmailer Roadmap

Ever wondered what new platform features are in the pipeline? Or whether that feature you suggested actually made the cut? Well, we have just the ticket: our customer-facing product roadmap.

Here, you can vote for and comment on your favourite future features and follow the development of in-progress projects features; just check out the ‘Roadmap’ tab.

To get to the product roadmap, just go to Account Menu >> What we are working on

RSS campaigns

This is actually a tool that’s been available for a long time now, but is really underused; probably because most people don’t know it’s there until it’s pointed out. The RSS feed tool populates a web page with all of your latest campaigns, and you can also filter this feed using your campaign tags.

Here’s an example of why you might want to use this feature:

You can place the feed below your newsletter sign-up form and this’ll produce previews of the lovely emails you’ve sent. This is a great way to encourage people to hand over their email addresses and set expectations of what they’ll receive.

Another example of how you can use the RSS is if you’re sending out a series of important emails and you’d like the recipient to be able to access all them in one simple click; you can just pop the RSS feed onto your website.

Suppressed contacts’ activity

This feature is one of our newer additions which is only a small change but in my opinion, a super useful one! Previously, suppressing a contact would mean that you’d lose the activity report, preventing you from seeing what they’d been sent and what they’d opened.

Now you’re able to go into the contact record in the suppressed contact area and see the programs they were enrolled into, the address books and segments they sat in, as well as what they were sent and whether they engaged with the emails.

My little tip here is make sure you filter the date (I often select ‘all time’); by default, it will only show 30 days. If they have been suppressed for a while, it means things will show as blank in a few of the tabs.

Bulk update contacts

This is a random little feature, but when it’s needed my goodness does it make life easier!

Every now and then you may need to find a group of contacts that you wish to target in a specific way, whether that be through automation or personalization. But to do this, you need a specific data field to make it work.

Many clients will manually export the list, sort the data in excel and then upload it again – very long-winded and not necessary!

Once you find your list of contacts in the segments area, you can simply bulk update the field. For example, update the field ‘VIP’ to YES for all contacts in this segment.

You’ll find this feature in the segments area; just select the segment in question, go to ‘more actions’ and click on ‘bulk update contacts’.

Contact upload options

For those of you who are manually uploading contacts via a CSV, you may or may not have noticed that there are options as to how this data is imported into your account.

Sometimes you may have blanks and you may or may not want these to overwrite the existing data. Off the back of this, you have the opportunity to change the upload options:

  • Update all existing fields
  • Don’t update existing fields with blanks
  • Merge data, keeping existing values

To access these options once you’ve uploaded the CSV, simply select ‘show advanced options’ when you’re viewing the data mapping screen.

Seed list

In many businesses, there are people who are keen to monitor an account’s activity, yet they do not directly use dotmailer or need to be involved in the testing or approvals process.

The seed list in dotmailer allows you to add up to 25 contacts who’d like to be included in all sends to oversee/receive what’s being delivered. Seed list contacts will only receive emails which are being sent to more than 2,000 contacts, not including any triggered sends or transactional messages. This will stop them from being spammed if you’re doing test sends!

Seed list sends don’t count towards your send allowance, which is a bonus, nor will they feature in any reporting, so they will not skew your results.

Please note: sends to a seed list work in the same way as test sends and the same limitations apply, meaning external dynamic content will not display.

Default auto responder

Default auto responder should be set up in EVERY account. It’s an email that’s sent out instantly to anyone who replies to one of your campaigns.

Most people monitor replies in some way, so what you can do is acknowledge the email and set expectations around the response they will get. For example, “Thanks for your email, someone will get back to you within 48 hours”.

If you’d like to channel all enquiries elsewhere then you can state this in the email: “Please note that this inbox is unmanned. We don’t want your email to go unanswered so please contact us on ….”

You create this message as a triggered email. Just go to Automation >> Default auto responder and simply select your campaign.

Desktop and mobile-only blocks

It can always be tricky to make sure your campaigns render as you’d like them to across all devices; it’s the Bain of every marketer’s life.

What you can now do is change the display options on the blocks featured in your campaigns – i.e. you can make the block visible only on desktops or visible only on mobile devices. This feature means you can place two blocks in your campaign, both with the same content, but built differently to enhance the user experience. One block will be set to display on mobile and one to show on desktops.

As always, ensure you test on different devices to ensure the blocks are displaying to the desired effect.


Some of our customers are sending campaigns to people all across the globe and in many different languages.

If the email is going out using symbols and characters not in the English alphabet, you’ll need to change your default encoding settings. This will ensure the email renders properly once it reaches the inbox and is not missing any characters/there are no replacement characters.

To change your default encoding when you’re in the campaign creation stage (the part when you define subject line), navigate to campaign settings and select the relevant option.


We now have a tab which gives you the details of the domains you have in your account and enables you to manage them.

Head to Account Settings >> Domain names

In this screen you’ll see what domains you own, when you registered it, view and edit registrants, and see if you have set it to auto renew or not, with the option to edit the settings. This tool is great as it means you can ensure the right person gets notified when the domain needs renewing, or you can set it to run automatically in the background.

Thanks for reading my dotmailer golden nuggets. If you’d like more details on these features then please visit our knowledge base and/or speak to your Account Manager.

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[NEW INTEGRATION] Automate your work day with dotmailer and Zapier

You spend a lot of time in your work day just keeping up with what’s going across your web apps. Whether it’s synthesizing new survey responses from customers or chatting with teammates about new email campaigns getting sent out, it can be a lot to keep track of.

dotmailer’s newest integration partner, Zapier, takes care of the busy work for you. Because Zapier connects dotmailer to 750+ web tools, you don’t have to worry about switching between apps all day long.

Instead, Zapier automates your workflows and seamlessly connects all of your marketing and business processes. Set up Zaps that automatically send email campaigns to new leads from social media, new event attendees, or customers who just made a purchase.

Basically, forget about exporting and importing your contact lists and manually sending out emails. Now you can focus on bigger-picture and more creative tasks that are essential to your business.

Give me some examples of what I can automate

  • Create or update dotmailer contacts from Facebook Lead Ads
  • Create a new dotmailer data field for new Eventbrite events
  • Add new Zoho CRM contacts from new dotmailer survey responses
  • Share dotmailer survey responses in Slack

How do I get started?

You can get Zapier set up with dotmailer in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account
  2. Learn about ways to use Zapier and dotmailer together
  3. Check out our Zapier help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

Why not try these pre-made dotmailer Zaps:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”,17318,17316, 17383,17320,17286,17292,17321,17317″></script>

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dotmailer celebrates its first #PrideinLondon

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. My colleague, Pam, experienced a very different professional life when she was living in her homeland of Italy. In fact, it’s only in the last year that Italy has passed same-sex civil unions after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the country was in violation of Human Rights.

Pam moved to the UK in the hope that she could live and work in a country where she would be accepted for who she is. So, when she approached me about her plan to set up dotmailer’s first LGBT network, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

A culmination of events over the past year have taught me that many people do not get to enjoy the same sense of freedom and inclusivity as I do; just look at what’s going on in Chechnya and you realise that the world still has a long, long way to go. It makes events like LGBTQ Pride more important than ever in 2017.

Thanks to Pam’s dedication, we had the opportunity to take part in the Pride in London parade on the 8th July. And what an incredible day it was! 50 people from the dotfamily joined the 26,000-strong marchers through the centre of London, and the love and positivity from the crowd truly gave me hope for the future. Though after being close to the Disney float, we’re definitely upping our game for next year!

Here are some pics from the day…

Team dotLGBT – we were sending love and hope (but no emails on Saturday!)


Pam, the founder of dotLGBT and the star of the day


Parading through the streets of London

If you’re interested in joining in all the fun, we’re recruiting for lots of roles right now!

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The LSE Group recognizes dotmailer for its contribution to the UK economy

We’re thrilled to be included in the London Stock Exchange Group’s report of Britain’s 1000 inspiring companies. The fourth edition of this report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

Companies had to meet certain criteria: be UK-registered and active; have revenues between £6 million and £250 million – based on latest Companies House filings – and have a minimum of three years in operation.

The LSE Group describes those 1000 business’ identified as having a unique capacity to innovate and create new jobs, in turn spreading the growth of the UK economy.

This statement rings true as we recently co-lead the creation of the Croydon Good Employer charter, pledging our own support to continued economic investment in the local area; Croydon has a special place in our heart – our technology office has been based there since 2002!

Currently, dotmailer employs 240 people worldwide, with over 200 of those working in the UK.

You can find out more about our Careers options here. 

A full searchable database of all of the companies along with a downloadable pdf of the publication can be found online at

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My top ten dotmailer hidden gems

As a Senior Account Manager, I’m often asked by clients how they can optimize their use of the platform to save time, gain insight, and work smarter. There are so many little gems in the platform waiting to be discovered, and many of them can prove powerful for your email marketing. However, some might be missed by the untrained eye, so this post is all about shedding some light on what the platform can do for you, and unearthing hidden treasures.

Making small, optimizing changes to how you work with dotmailer can have a huge impact. The features I’d like to share with you never fail to surprise my clients; they could really benefit from using them, but either they don’t know they are there, or aren’t sure how to leverage the tools.

Often as Account Managers, we highlight the new features we’re releasing and forget to shout about what the platform already offers that customers can use right now! In this list, all bar the landing pages can be used by all of our clients right this second. You can find out more about how to leverage these tools by clicking on their links, which will take you through to the relevant Support pages. Let’s take a look!

1. Link Grouping

  • This feature can be used to collect inferred preferences and interests.
  • Find out what content is performing the best and the worst.
  • Use it to create segments and enroll contacts into programs.
  • Get time back to work on other areas of your strategy.

2. Campaign Tagging

  • Compare the performance of different types of campaigns and audiences.
  • Get deeper insight into what you are sending and who you are sending to.
  • Use tags to create a time frame filter and master send time optimization.

3. Landing pages

This feature is available as an add-on.

  • Quickly and easily design a branded landing page without the need for designers, developers, or HTML wizardry.
  • Collect preferences within an email instead of taking them to a separate form by using it as a splash page/ tracking for a click through.
  • Use customer data and dynamic images to create personalized landing pages for each customer.

4. Random sample

  • Create truly random control groups for testing purposes.
  • Split test more intelligently and get better insight with 50/50 address book split samples.

5. Domain reporting

  • Gain insight into which domains you are sending to the most and the least.
  • Monitor your deliverability with specific ISPs – particularly useful as many historic ISPs are closing down.

6. Dynamic subject line

  • Make the first touch-point of the email even more relevant.
  • Change the subject line based on information you hold on your recipients.
  • Boast your intelligent and targeted content right from the inbox preview.
  • Increase your open rates and boost customer satisfaction.

7. End nodes/ naming end nodes

  • Get specific data on where people have exited in the program or what journey they took.
  • Find out if your campaigns are having the impact you want them to.
  • Learn more about the types of people that open your emails and their behaviors.

8. Restore

Restores a campaign to its former glory in the event of:

  • Accidental deletion
  • A series of bad changes
  • A technical glitch
  • Exiting the platform without saving

9. My building blocks

  • Create your own reusable content blocks.
  • Save time by dragging and dropping your saved blocks.
  • Create consistency between users and ensure that each email is on brand and mobile optimized.

10. Charts in reporting

  •  Compare activity across campaigns for specific metrics in a more visual way.
  • Get a better idea of how your strategy is progressing week to week, month to month.

All of the above features are ready to go to work for you so that you can produce faster, smarter, email marketing campaigns that drive better revenue. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring the platform, and be safe in the knowledge that your dedicated Account Manager will always be on hand to help you.

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Spotlight on Magento: Why you should choose dotmailer for Magento

In 2015, not only did we launch our dotmailer for Magento integration but we were also named one of its Premier Technology Partners. Our specialist Magento developers spent months preparing the integration so it would comply with the ecommerce platform’s codebase. The result? A super-charged tool that works in sync with Magento 1 and 2, and powers smarter, targeted, revenue-driven marketing.

The dotmailer for Magento integration takes the legwork out of marketing to your most valuable contacts, thanks to access to live data and via one interface. However, that’s certainly not the only benefit:

  • Automatic sync of your Magento subscribers, guests and customers
  • dotmailer ROI tracking within your Magento site
  • Rescue customers’ abandoned carts using triggered campaigns
  • Full campaign and contact reporting from within your dotmailer account
  • Plug-and-play extension with single sign-on
  • 24/5 support from Magento experts
  • An account manager to help you get the most out of the platform for your business
  • Multichannel automation, such as SMS

dotmailer for Magento in action

7 ways to make the most of dotmailer tools with your Magento contacts

There’s a long list of things you can do with the dotmailer for Magento integration – but here are a few of my favorites:

Automated abandoned cart emails
You can create your abandoned cart campaigns in dotmailer and then set the trigger from Magento within a minimum of 15 minutes of a cart becoming ‘lost’. You’ll be able to see the return on investment (ROI) and campaign drilldown reporting in your dotmailer account.

Download a free copy of our ‘Put the abandoned cart before the horse’ guide to see the true value of this automation.

Create segments for relevant content
Use your synced contact data fields to better target your audience. For example, things like category purchases, interests, birthday / anniversary / subscribed date / last purchased date are all relevant ways to deliver a more personal message.

Magento external dynamic content links (EDC)
Using links from your Magento site, you can display dynamic product content in your emails to customers; some of these include:

  • Recommended products based on
  • Recommended products based on order history
  • Manual recommended products
  • Bestsellers
  • Last order ID
  • Coupon codes
  • Wishlist products
  • Upsells and cross-sells
  • Most viewed products

Increase revenue with dotmailer’s automation Program Builder
Use the dotmailer program builder to create welcome, win-back, wishlist, loyalty and many more for revenue-generating campaigns that run themselves.

Catalog sync
dotmailer is releasing a new product block feature, meaning no more time-consuming product image uploads. It gives you the functionality to drag a block into your campaign and add an item by SKU – syncing the product image, URL, title and price, with a button to the item’s page.

Transactional email
We know that consistency is one of the keys to trust – so being able to brand transactional emails in line with marketing messages is an obvious benefit, What’s more, with the transactional email module, you can easily set up transactional data and view transactional reports through the dotmailer dashboard. Read more on using dotmailer for transactional emails here.

Order insight
Synchronizing the order history and insight of your contacts enables you to view all of their purchase history since becoming a guest or customer with you. This is truly invaluable in the drive towards relevancy in email marketing.

If you have any more questions, you can book a demo, register for a free trial account, reach out to your account manager, or attend one of our dotlive events. Check out the dotlive events calendar for upcoming Magento-related seminars, webinars and roadshows.


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