Colart: a sleek enterprise onboarding partnership

Onboarding Colart was a pleasure. We were extremely excited to be a part of the brand’s unique vision which, to ensure a timeless transition, involved a large amount of scope from our professional services and custom integrations teams.

We recently migrated to dotmailer and I wish we had done it sooner. Initially wow’d by the performance of the platform, it soon became even clearer that we had made the right decision out of all the competitors once the discussions with the dotmailer team had started.

Enterprise onboarding, automation and deliverability

Colart was such a great brand to work with from start to finish. From the initial kick off call, the team was extremely motivated to get started. We set precise, yet time-sensitive goals which aligned with Colart’s schedule and the team was behind us every step of the way.

As a digital marketing specialist, I was lucky enough to manage Colart’s enterprise onboarding, assisting with its complex automation builds and overseeing several deliverability projects. I ensured the onboarding ran smoothly with weekly catch-up calls which were vital to the success and on-time delivery of this project.

As Colart had a range of automation programs which they were previously utilizing, it was important that we got these up and running smoothly. I worked with our custom integrations team who got an API in place and then worked with Colart on the automation builds.

As the brand was keen to get to grips with the platform during onboarding, we arranged a collaborative session where I delivered its bespoke automations and shared some top tips around best practice.

Deliverability was also a key part of the project. As Colart had 10 accounts (8 brands, internal and B2B) with different data sets, I worked alongside the deliverability team and the client to build and execute ramp-up plans, making use of professional service credits. This made Colart feel secure and confident when sending after the onboarding process.


With Colart being an artistic brand, our team of creatives was in its element and able to get hands-on with the project. Before onboarding, the client had a creative consultancy session where our creative director was able to focus on the best email approach that would work for all Colart brands.

After the session, our digital creatives worked on several gold templates, an email style guide, brand ‘playbooks’, a ‘forward to a friend’ and the unsubscribes. The result? Colart became professionally branded and optimized for email.

Testimonial from Joshua Hart, Email & eCRM Manager at Colart

Powerful platform. Professional and passionate people.

Throughout the onboarding process the whole team was attentive to our business requirements and needs, solution-focused and their expertise has been invaluable in delivering the project on time and with the utmost quality. A special thank you to Cara and Rebecca whose professionalism and experience have been instrumental in this.

Now set up, we’re achieving better results in much less time. And it’s comforting to know that we have a passionate, dedicated account manager and support team just an email / phone call away.

Colart’s mission is to inspire every artist in the world and we are extremely excited that dotmailer will be a part of that journey.

Want to know more about how dotmailer’s professional services team can impact your email marketing? Then reach out to your account manager today or book in a platform demo with one of our sales representatives.


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Platform onboarding: a smoother start to a successful journey

In the world of marketing, this journey is often ‘replatforming’ and it can feel like a daunting prospect, especially as you’re putting your trust in a new supplier to get you up to speed with minimal disruption.

Wouldn’t it be great if your onboarding process could be upgraded from economy to business class, providing peace of mind that’ll boost your customer experience? That’s the kind of service you get when you introduce dotmailer to your business – and I’m going to tell you all about it here.

The first step through the door

Finally, you got the sign-off and you’re joining dotmailer; exciting times!

Some people begin to panic at this point – after all, it can feel a bit like buying and moving into a new home – but there’s really no need to worry. There’s a checklist of things to do and one of our dedicated Digital Program Managers will orchestrate the process for you, pulling the right strings at the right time and involving the right experts exactly when required, until everything’s checked off and you’re fully onboarded.

Types of onboarding

We offer seven different onboarding packages, depending on your requirements and budget. Our dotmailer consultants will point you in the right direction to make sure you get the right level of cover.

  • Guided setup
  • Managed onboarding
  • Enterprise onboarding
  • Add data management ramp-up
  • Add template/s creation
  • Add ecommerce or CRM connectors/integrations, such as Magento or Dynamics CRM
  • Add marketing automation programs

The kick-off process

Once the agreement is signed and you’ve chosen the type of onboarding service you’d like, the process can begin.

You’ll be assigned a Digital Program Manager (DPM) who’ll manage the onboarding process, along with an Account Manager who’ll be your day-to-day go-to person once your onboarding has been completed. Your DPM will organise a kick-off call to go through your order form and any additional items purchased, together with clarifying roles and timelines. And, of course, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any burning questions.

What goes on behind the scenes

I may have made the process sound quite simple, so I thought it’d be helpful to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes and why the onboarding process can be lengthy at times.

First things first, we create a detailed, dynamic project schedule in our project management tool and then assign tasks to the relevant parties. The plan includes all your account details and a breakdown of all activated features/timelines.

The DPM team is here to support, supervise and guide the activities of your account setup, from new template creation, the custom from address (CFA) and data management to creating and testing your first campaign. Some of this involves liaising with internal teams to ensure relevant experts are involved at the right time. Here are some of the people we’ll often be working with:

  • Training Team
  • Deliverability Team
  • Creative Team
  • Technical Support
  • Account Management
  • Connector/Integration Engineers
  • Custom Technical Solutions

We’ll share regular updates throughout the onboarding process via calls and alerts sent through our project management tool.

Once onboarding is complete, your Account Manager will be your direct line for advice and strategic guidance. They’ll proactively suggest improvements and add-ons that’ll drive up your return on investment, booking in regular catch-up calls to see how things are progressing.

Who have you recently onboarded?

We work with more than 3,500 brands globally. Here are just a couple of companies that have recently joined the fold…

The Prince’s Trust

“dotmailer were incredibly helpful in supporting The Prince’s Trust to get onboarded, answering questions big and small along the way and even screen sharing so we knew exactly what to do. They’ve designed templates, assisted with forms and were there for our first send out. We now have so much more confidence with our emails – and look forward to the future.” Donna White, Head of Digital Marketing

Virgin Active

“All your team made this relatively big project as easy as anything. From right at the start to now, it has all been seamless. You all know your product like the back of your hand and you’ve caught the interest of every man, woman and their dog at Virgin Active. You also managed to do it all in less than a month and we all love you for it!” Virgin Active Team

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